Quake 3

Instructions and project info for a modern, post 2020 Quake 3 Arena gaming experience.

ioquake3 builds

You can find monthly builds of the modern ioquake3 fork here: https://download.milaq.net/public/quake3/ioquake3/

These builds already include my ioquake3 additions (see below).

For more info about ioquake3 see the project’s homepage.

milaq’s ioquake3 additions

Nicknamed “mlq3a” is a patchset for ioquake3 which brings a few missing QOL features. For a complete list and more information have a look at the project’s readme.

My personal recurring builds of ioquake3 already include these additions by default.

If you want to use any other ioquake3 client instead of the one I provide you may also download mlq3a seperately and put it into your baseq3 folder in order to profit from the new features: https://download.milaq.net/public/quake3/mods/mlq3a/

Quick installation

For a modern Quake 3 Arena client you’ll need the following:

  • A fresh ioquake3 build for your platform: Windows or Linux

  • An official pak0.pk3 - This file needs to go into your baseq3 folder in your Quake 3 installation folder. Unfortunately this is copyrighted content so I cannot directly point you to a download. Good news is that you can find this file all over the web. Just search for it.
    Filename: pak0.pk3
    SHA1: 9d588ea65e92944d3e23eeb6ec08f1dd666f4658
    SHA256: 7ce8b3910620cd50a09e4f1100f426e8c6180f68895d589f80e6bd95af54bcae

  • Quake 3 HQ Modpack by milaq - Extract the contents to your Quake 3 installation folder

Optional additional content:

For more maps, mods, etc. have a look at my Quake 3 downloads: https://download.milaq.net/public/quake3/